Swiss Army Knife:Your Ultimate Survival Tool

He was very successful in his quest and he began to supply his own specially designed pocket knives to the Swiss Army. Swiss Generals decided to issue each soldier with a standard knife.

This decision was partly in the interest of national harmony and partly to keep the price of the Swiss Army Knife down through competition

The Swiss Army Knife has been so useful that the term SWISS ARMY KNIFE is sometimes used metaphorically to describe usefulness.


Various models are available online: from a basic two-blade version to an eight ounce, 29-tool octopus that will let you do everything from rebuilding an Edsel to picking your teeth.

The Swiss Army Knife got international fame after the Second World War when American soldiers returning home brought back red multi-tool pocket knives they had taken from German Prisoners of War who themselves had bought them privately from Switzerland. It is even part of the standard equipment of the United States Space Shuttle crew.

In 1891 Karl Elsner discovered, to his dismay, that the pocket knives supplied to the Swiss Army were made in Germany, so he started work on a design of a knife for use by the Swiss Army. It was also a time when tinned food was becoming common in army rations. In 1908 the Swiss Government split the contract with half of the order going to Elsners company Victorinox in the German-speaking part, and the other half going to a rival company Wenger, in the French-speaking part..

Have you ever seen a Swiss Army Knife? Have you ever heard about it? A Swiss Army Knife (SAK) is a brand of multi-functional and multi-tool knife with various tools like screwdrivers and can openers stowed inside the handle of the knife through a pivot point mechanism.

A 314 blade Swiss Army Knife is the worlds biggest pen knife.

Below is a list of some tools you can find in a Swiss Army Knife:

TweezersTooth Pick , ScissorsCorkscrew, Saw FileCan Opener, HookBottle Opener, Magnifying GlassPhillips Head ScrewdriverBall Point Pen , Fish ScalerPliers, Key ChainTorch Light, ChiselSaw , RulerDigital Clock, LED LightUSB Flash drivesDigital AltimeterLaser Pointer.

It is the ultimate survival tool perfectly suitable for holiday makers, campers, soldiers, boy scouts or even for simple home repairs. But how did a small knife become such a very useful tool and become a worldwide phenomenon?


It all began in the late 1800s when the Swiss Army issued its soldiers with a gun which required a special screwdriver to dismantle and clean it. Americans called it The Swiss Officers Knife.

Today, over 34,000 of these knives with the distinctive Swiss Cross are produced every day in Switzerland for export to every corner of the earth. It has successfully proven to be a survival tool on countless Arctic expeditions, on Mount Everest, in tropical rain forests like the Amazon and the Congo, camping trips in all weathers and climates, or just as a basic all in one tool box at home, in the workshop or practically anywhere

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