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Syracuse fan could net $100,000 with big March Madness bet

CNNMoney (New York) First published March 28, 2016: 4:51 PM ET . ‘; */ var smartAssetDiv = ”; for (i = $allParagraphs.length-1; i > 0; i–) if (i > 4) afterParagraphFour = true; $currentParagraph = $($allParagraphs[i]); heights += $currentParagraph.height(); if (heights > limit && afterParagraphFour) console.log($currentParagraph.text()); $currentParagraph.after(smartAssetDiv); heights = -9999; // reset the heights variable [...]

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Sports Betting Blogs | Best Sports Betting Site

It will be a very interesting and intense weekend, especially when we will be about to watch and get thrilled … Continue reading Hello, dear friends. If it is not, I am always open and friendly to take someone on the board of my space ship. In such cases  , I leave you the free [...]

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Negative Effects of Gambling

In the following sections of this Buzzle article, we discuss the negative effects of gambling on the individual and society. ? Problem gamblers and addicts tend to abuse their family members. Card games, coin tossing, and dice-based games are some non-casino based forms of gambling. It only leads to a thoughtless expenditure of money and [...]

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