Red Haired Female Wrestlers

Heck…even the Bellas are getting better.

During her career so far she has worked for Riot City Wrestling, PWWA, Ultimate Wrestling Alliance, PWA QLD, Snakepit Pro Wrestling, PWA Elite, MIW, Nightmare Wrestling, IWA, PWA Underground and AAW in Australia and World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico.

And she has held the WCWA Junior Girls Championship, the MIW Womens belt, the NAW Womens Championship and the WWC Womens title.

SoCal Val

SoCal Val (Valerie Wyndham) is not so much a wrestler as a TNA personality.

Though she has done some wrestling.

And yes I know she’s really got blonde hair too.

In 2001, she held the NWL Ladies Championship.

She harkened back to the day of the WWE jobber where you had a wrestler that’s basic “job” was to make another wrestler look good.

She was released from the WWE in 2010, but now she is showing up in the Indy wrestling promotion Ring of Honor as the “First Lady of ROH”.

Molly McShane

Here we have one of my favorite female indy wrestlers of all time, Molly McShane.

Molly was the very first PGWA (Professional Girl Wrestling Association) Rookie of the Year in 1994 and was trained by legendary wrestler, Blackjack Mulligan.

She was born in 1986 and made her pro wrestling debut in 2002, just before her sixteenth birthday.

So I will give Eva more time and hope she can follow in their footsteps.

Okay, okay, I know that’s a stereotype, but for this article, let’s go with it okay?

So with all this natural born aggression, wouldn’t pro wrestling be a good outlet for some of this combativeness?

Yes it would be.

And it has been.

And there have been/are some pretty famous red haired male wrestlers like Bob Backlund and the WWE’s Sheamus.

But here are some titian haired lady wrestlers that have made a mark for themselves in the squared circle.

Redhead Female Wrestlers

Redheads are well known for their fiery-tempers.

Christy Hemme

She started out as just eye candy in the 2004 WWE Diva Search.

“The Prize” is five foot nine and 150 pounds.

Some you may know, and some you may be finding out about for the first time

April Hunter

Pro wrestler, wrestling valet, fitness model, glamour model and figure competitor April Hunter has been wrestling since 1999.

She was trained by the legendary Wladek “Killer” Kowalski.

She left the WWE and went to TNA to become a Knockout. Sometimes she had red hair, sometimes she was a brunette and sometimes she almost made it to blonde, but the WWE’s Maria was always a fan favorite.

And of course TNA let her go……

Eva Marie

Yes I know her redhair isn’t real, but I bet about half of these other ladies aren’t either.

Yeah, even though she’s gone from the ring, former WWE Diva Lita still has a huge fan base.

And why not?

She was red haired, hot and she took chances in the ring a lot of her male counterparts would have passed on.

The woman had guts.

Wanna know how popular she still is?

Go to Google and just type in Lita and hit search.

See who you get..

(Yes I know she’s really a blonde)

Scarlett Bordeaux

Well if TNA keeps up their ways they will REALLY have the market cornered on redheads!

Five foot seven 129 pound female wrestler Scarlett Bordeaux is currently working for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), which is now a Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) developmental territory.

And there are rumors that if (and when) Scarlett shows up on Impact Wrestling, it will be as the cousin of fellow redhead Taeler Hendrix.

We have had tons of blond tag-teams…but a redhead tag-team?

Yes please.

Hellena Heavenly

Indy wrestler Hellena Heavenly was born on February 19th, 1976, in Reno, Nevada.

This five foot seven, 126 pound, red-haired, blue eyed beauty has worked for a lot of wrestling promotions and companies as a wrestler, valet and manager including AWA Superstars of Wrestling, Lucha Libre Femenil, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Thundergirls, Sleeperkid’s World, Slammin’ Ladies and yes, she made an appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw.

TNA continues cornering the market on red haired wrestlers with former indy wrestler Taeler Hendrix.

Before landing in TNA, Taeler worked for New England Championship Wrestling (NECW), Top Rope Promotions (TRP), World Women’s Wrestling (WWW) and Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW, which is now a TNA developmental territory).

In OVW, she won the Women’s Championship title twice.

Sara Jay

Here’s a gorgeous red haired wrestler from down under, Sara Jay.

She was born on May 11th in Warwick, Australia and stands five feet tall and weigh in at 110 pounds.

You would think that would be a disadvantage, but Sara takes on bothy male and female wrestlers.

But Christy Hemme held on through the pillow fights and bikini contests and actually got to get into the ring and mix it up with the likes of Trish Stratus, Victoria and Melina.

I really think the WWE really missed an opportunity when they never turned Maria heel.

As opposed to say Eva Marie…who started wrestling in 2013…

Okay, I would have put WCW Nitro Girl Fyre, Terri Byrne in here, but I don’t think she ever actually wrestled did she?

Doesn’t matter, just by asking I added her here anyway!

Now there are rumors that the WWE may be looking at Scarlett…..

Jemma Palmer

Jemma Palmer was signed by the WWE in 2009 to work in their development territory FCW.

Though unknown over here, in England she’s known as a model and Gladiator Inferno on Sky1′s Gladiators.

Maria played the jobber and ditzy interviewer with equal skill.

I think she could have been a Maryse level heel if given the chance.

Eva may not be the best wrestler the WWE has, but she is very hot.

WWE Diva Becky Lynch is no newcomer to wrestling.

Jemma has also competed in the 2006 Musclemania Britain, Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Ms USA Dream Bikini Body and Miss Maxim UK.

April has worked for WCW, TNA and more indy wrestling promotions than you can shake a stick at.

She has actually been trained in submission wrestling.

Rebecca Quin (aka Rebecca Knox) was born on January 30th, 1987 in Dublin, Leinster, Republic of Ireland.

She was trained by Prince Devitt, Gonzo De Mondo, NWA UK Hammerlock and Paul Tracey, and made her pro wrestling debut in November of 2002.

So she was wrestling for 11 years before she even got to NXT.

And Candice, Kelly Kelly and to a certain extent Trish all started out that way.

Rayna Von Tash

This gorgeous redhead was trained by indy wrestler Daizee Haze and was the first graduate of the SHIMMER Wrestling Academy.

She has worked for both Shimmer and CHIKARA

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