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Sports :: The NBA Final Picks

Unless Kobe gets hurt or something unforeseen happens they should be one of the two teams vying for the title. One of the other two contending teams that might have a shot is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Boston used to be a powerhouse in the eighties and they may rise up yet again with the right [...]

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Adam Meyer, The Nation’s Top Sports Handicapper to Earn $1.5 Million Dollars if the St. Louis Cardinals Win the World Series

Louis Cardinals to win the World Series before the playoffs began. It has been reported that Meyer won upwards of $2.8 Million dollars based on a combination of wagers in which he had the Green Bay Packers picked to win the Super Bowl at 12-1 odds before the playoffs began. Meyer has documented wagers including [...]

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Buy, Sell and Track Sports Tips

The difference with us, though, is that transparency is the focal point of our sales pitch. Pick Monitor was started by Patrick in April of 2010 with the idea that a monitor focusing on transparency, advanced stats and ease-of-use would be a welcomed addition to the industry. — — And let’s face it: the sports [...]

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