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The annual USC vs. There are many reasons why this is the case, including the fans, hype and alumni. UCLA game gets nationwide attention and spurs numerous celebratory activities here in Los Angeles. While college football is third behind Major League Baseball, here are 20 reasons why it still remains better than pro football.

Why do people hate the Ohio State Buckeyes ?by Mark3 years ago

The Ohio State Buckeyes, mainly the football program, is arguably the most hated team by fans across the country. UCLA football gameby Joan Hall23 months ago

The USC vs. Audience participation poll.

Top 10 Largest College Football Stadiumsby Pencho Marinov3 years ago

This is the list of the Top 10 College Football Stadiums!

Fact not fiction, Dan Quinn style: the Greatest Defensive Play in Football Historyby Alex Munkachy3 years ago

Linebacker Dan Quinn, after making the greatest play in football history for Notre Dame against Pitt, angers a crooked coach and finds himself trapped in the middle of a sinister gambling conspiracy.

2016 SEC Football Schedule Breakdownby Corey Martin9 days ago

The College Football Bowl Season and the Bully that is ESPNby Larry Rankin8 months ago

The following article analyzes the stranglehold that ESPN currently has on the college football bowl season.

Ohio State University, Harley Field and Chic Harley Stadiumby Patty Inglish10 days ago

Opened in 1922, Ohio Stadium was built because OSU running back Chic Harley drew such large crowds to the old, small Ohio Field, that they needed a larger place to play!. What makes them so good?

EDITOR’S CHOICETop 20 Reasons Why College Football Is Better Than Proby Bill Sego2 years ago

Nobody can say pro football is not the most popular sport in America. For your enjoyment, included are 2013 uniform introduction videos and pictures. Who Is The Greatest College Quarterback of All Time?by MikeBig2 years ago

There is much debate on who is the greatest quarterback to touch the college gridiron. It’s a week-long party for the students, alumni, and fans of two great colleges.

Best 2013 NCAA College Football Uniformsby Julie Grimes21 months ago

Take a look at the best collegiate NCAA football uniform changes for 2013

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