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The difference with us, though, is that transparency is the focal point of our sales pitch.

Pick Monitor was started by Patrick in April of 2010 with the idea that a monitor focusing on transparency, advanced stats and ease-of-use would be a welcomed addition to the industry.

And let’s face it: the sports tipping industry is depressing. If the majority of those profiles don’t make you want to vomit in your mouth then we conceed defeat right now. That’s not to say that we won’t try to paint pretty pictures for you. 90% of sports-pick buyers may indeed fall for the shady, dirty, makes-you-want-to-vomit-in-your-mouth too-good-to-be-true nonsense (read: that is our “competition”. From there, after giving you instant access to every piece of data from every user on the site, we leave things up to you.

Aside from having a strong desire not to be complete ass-hats, there’s a surprising monetary benefit to our transparency. We’d rather go the way of MySpace (oh wait, that might technically still exist, but you get the point) then join the dirtbags.. You probably already know this, but to make a point we’d like you to leave for a second and go search for “tipsters” on Twitter. The majority of our users are free users. And if it ever stops working, screw it. Please hit the “back” button on your browser. If being a free member is best for you then so be it.

No, really.

By going out of our way to be unrivaled in our transparency we are trusting that there is some small part of humanity that is above the lies. We’re an independent sports monitor that allows users to pay a fee to sell their tips and keep 100% of the profits. But 10% don’t. That’s cool with us. And how many sites cater to that 10% seeking transparency above breathtaking results? Not many.

That queasy feeling you just got from looking at those Twitter profiles? You won’t get that here. Of course we will. We sell a service and we need people to buy that service in order to keep our business afloat. We analyze the snot out of tips and tipsters to give you as much info as humanlycomputerly possible.

We’re founded on the basis of actually increasing your chance of winning as opposed to selling you bullshit and we’re run by a super nerdy, data-loving computer scientist. We’ll put some “upgrade” links various places on the site but we’ll never call you. Resulting is a tracking service whose attention to detail and statistical insight is simply better than that of the competition. We rely on that small part of humanity to pay our bills, and so far it’s working. Any handicapper who doesn’t choose to sell his tips agrees to have his tips included in our tip packages. We’ll never hard sell you. We won’t even try to get your business.

Our business model? We’re not a tipping service

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